What size belt to get

I have a 280-5M-12 that did fit well with my 14T/40T pulley, since I put an enertion 36T pulley on it is too loose.

I’ve used a belt length calculator that suggested a 265mm belt. Is this correct, I just want to mate sure that it is before I spend ridiculous amounts of money on shipping.

Also If it is the correct size is there anywhere in Australia to get them from?

265mm it is. Basic with those specs

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Hey mate, I think I’ve got a spare belt or two that are 255mm if you were interested in those. Have no use for them now that I use 320mm belts.

That would be great, are you in Aus? If so how much would you want with shipping to Wodonga?

Yeah I am :slight_smile: . I’m in Melbourne too so shipping shouldn’t be too much. I’ll get back to you sometime tomorrow when I find out whether I have them or not since I’m not gonna be home till then

255mm wouldnt be too short would it? Cheers.

255mm is probably too short. Watch DIY’s recommendation from their website.

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I’ll have to check tomorrow, its bed time here. :sleeping:

I’ve seen builds using 255mm belts with 16:36 gear ratios on the Torqueboards V4 Mount with no problems. Since you have a 14:36, I’d assume you’d be fine too.

255mm for 14:36 would be fine. 265mm for 16:36 or if you want extra space. We use 265mm for all setups.

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I used 265 for 15:36 and it was fine. TB mounts have a good amount of adjustment.

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