What size bus bar?

Hey guys… have suffered a failure in creating a battery… going to rebuild w bus bar taking nickel Strips from my p groups and connecting to a bus bar and then heavy guage wires between groups. What size bar are people using? Can I solder nickel onto the bar (doubt my sunkko spot Welder can handle that)

Cheers to all!


Depends on your battery size… 10-15mm wide, ~0.4mm thick and the same lenght as your parallel group will do just fine… I would not recommend soldering nickel to copper (I’m assuming yout busbar is copper)

Thanks for the quick reply. I recently have been buying this kind of stuff on McMaster Carr. Great site. Does anyone have a link to bus bar from there? Cheers all!

How then would I affix the nickel to the copper bus bar?

This thread should have everything you need to get up and running

A “bar” is over kill. If it’s copper you’ll only need a sheet of foil really. Why not solder to copper multistrand? Flexible and widely available and with protective insulation

Thanks for the post. I’m not new to the forum. I’ve read this thread numerous times. Does not answer my question which is : can you easily solder nickel to copper bus bar?

I had nickel strip superimposed with copper braid and used the copper braid for serial connections… my thought is that the copper braid must have not been able to conduct enough electricity as my 10s3 p BARELY moves w me on It… while a 10s2p I made works significantly better (both utilizing Samsung 30q cells)

I want to redo my pack as opposed to dissecting it out for now… I assume something went wrong but want to make it correctly now and not risk failure.

I will take batteries in groups of 3 and use 10mm nickel strips to adjoin + and - to bus bars-

I will then use 12g wire to connect these p groups in series likely soldering two 12g wires per p group connection. I envision This should have enough to run a single 6354 Motor… not exactly sure why my 10s3p pack isn’t running like it should- but I don’t want a bomb going off… will start over for now and re-visit the malfunctioning pack in due time.

Thanks for all your help and build safely!!

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I cant advise you sorry, im not advanced at building batteries. I dont know the first thing :rofl:

something else must be going on and you should be able to more than “barely move” with that battery and there’s likely something much bigger going on than the connections.

Thanks man- I feel the same way… something isn’t adding up- so, I’m going to start from scratch and then take that one apart when I have some time and see how / why it’s failing

Maybe u can figure it without taking it apart, which is a lot of work. It wouldn’t make sense being the battery. If it’s made of real cells andis built wrong you’d have other problems than lack of power. How bout some photos and we could figure it here

Ok/ I’ll submit some photos when I take the shrink wrap off. Thanks in advance