What size Samsung 40t battery pack would be equivalent to a 12s4p of Samsung 30q

The Samsung 40t is 30A 4000mah while the 30q is 15A 3000mah. So I know that I can do one less in parallel so a 12s3p of 40t should have the same range as the 12s4p of 30q. Since the 40t can output roughly twice the amperage of the 30q would it be safe to say that I could go down to 10s3p and have equal power output? I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to batteries so please correct me if I’m wrong.

We have a thread specifically for simple questions like this, but in general you are correct. A 4p 30Q will have the same capacity as a 3p 40T pack, and a 2p 30Q will have the same power as a 1p 40T pack

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Sorry, I didn’t see the thread. I figured that much out, I’m just trying to figure out how many in series would be equivalent to 12s of 30q.

Oh, almost all lithium ion battery cells are the same voltage, all 12s batteries have 12 cells in series and a nominal voltage of 43.2V


So the extra 15 amps of continuous draw per cell doesn’t benefit the 40t battery pack?

Your total power is the output of a single cell multiplied by the number of cells, so per cell the 40T has 2x the power and 1.33x the range. Keep in mind the 40T is 1.26x the footprint and 1.44x the weight. Also double the price give or take

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If it has twice the power doesn’t that mean I could reduce the number in series and still get the same power output as a 12s4p of 30q?

Yes but you would loose range

And speed…

I’m using two of the Flipsky 6354 190kv 2450w motors and a Focbox unity. I’m not sure that these motors can even utilize the power output of a 12s 40t battery. 25 miles of range would be nice. What configuration would you recommend with 40t?

With urethane wheels? 10s3p probably

Yep, 97mm evolve GTR wheels. Awesome, that’s what I was thinking.