What small deck is best for an Electric Skateboard?

Hi all, I am interested in starting my own electric skateboard build, and I want a 29 inch deck. I was planning on using the Jet Radar Series Spud NipSlip deck, but I was sad to discover that that was discontinued. I want a similar deck, and am wondering if any of you know if anything like it. Thanks!

Jet Spud is probably the most popular one here because of RunPlayback’s epic builds…

Do some searching on this site. You’ll find a lot of spud builds. This is because it has a wheelbase of WB: 20.5″-21.25″ while still being 29.0″ x 9.5″, in size. The only issue is it has no kick tail.

Im using an Arbor Rally. Dimensions:30.5x8.90 With a 20" Wheel base. Still no kicktail. Im using it because I found it for cheap. And the spud is hard to find now.

Heres the issue. You’ll want something that has a wheel base of at least 20" because you need room for batteries. And a width of something like 9-10" because you will probably use 10" trucks.

Ive been looking for a while now and I think i might try the Jet Potato, its 33" with a lil bit of a kicktail. Ive been searching “Downhill” decks. They seem to suitable for esk8s.

Thanks a lot for responding. I’m really hoping I can find a 29" deck, and won’t have to go with a 33". I’m really trying to go for portability in this build.

And I really need a 20.5" wheelbase or larger

The new version of the jet spud is the jet potato 29". It is available from Muir Skate in the US

You could try these guys, they are from New Zealand but can make a deck how you want it, length, wb etc. He has some generic shapes but might be able to make something like the spud. He can even add carbon fibre if you wanted. http://acidlongboards.co.nz/ or I do have a 2nd spud I could sell??

Okay that’s awesome! It looks like they’re out of stock on their website. Not sure when those will be back in stock. If its more than a month I will probably go with another option.

Thanks for that website recommendation! I’ll definitely consider that. Concerning that spud you offered, I might be interested in that, as the spud is definitely the kind of deck I want. Is it very used?

Has grip tape on it which is done crooked haha, and some scratches on tail and maybe nose, I was pushing around on it till I was going to make it an eboard but got a board from that website instead. I can pm you some pics if you want.

I got my spud last month. funny I kinda wanted the potato 33 but it was out of stock. only a bit longer…mostly the tail