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What spec of screw should I used to mount an SK3 to psychotillers mount

The provided screws arent long enough and I don’t have a thread ruler on hand. I was wondering if anyone knew what thread and length of screw would be used in this case.

A 4x10mm just like the screws I provided with your mount work perfectly.

The mounts are supposed to come with screws for mounting the motor? My two mounts did not come with any.

Nope. The mounts come with mount hardware. Your motors come with motor hardware.

@psychotiller That’s ok. I’ll get longer screws if I need to. Playing around with the mounts now.

You won’t need to. Every motor I’ve ever bought has come with suitable hardware. Enjoy!

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Just as a note, the 6374 SK3 I bought from HK did not come with hardware that would allow me to mount the motor to the mount.

Ok noted. Personally, I’ve never had that happen. 4X10x.07 mm is what you need.