What Speed App Do You Use?

Hey guys! I’ve just clocked 100 miles of riding in the last 2 months :smiling_imp:! I’ve recorded my speed and miles road with an app on iOS called, Speedometer. Before I continue on to hit 200 miles I wanted to find out what speed/distance recording app does everyone use? My biggest frustration :angry: with this app is that it doesn’t record my cumulative or life-time distance on the road. So, I end up adding up each ride. Yea…I don’t want to continue doing that, booooring :unamused:. Thanks everyone!

I use snoway, Emails you an overlay for google earth of your run,

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That’s cool! Is it a paid or free app? Either way, thanks for the input. I’ll go check it out now. I need more options that what I already have :calling:

I think this one is nice… sadly only for iphones :slight_smile: Lets you record a video + gps data overlay also, I think

Check the forum there was a topic / thread similar to yours already

I got runkeeper personally… lets me see my top speed also + average speed… Rides get saves and you get a ‘‘display’’ for each week’s total I think

It’s freeeeeeeeeeee highlights on the overlay where your top speed was, max jump length etc

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SpeedTracker from the App Store

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It has the same name as mine but per the screen shots looks way better and more comprehensive. Does it show you life time totals? This is a really good contender. LOL, I may have to try them all first. Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Hey bro! I appreciate your input. Love the @Namasaki knowledge! Does it record your life time miles?

Awesome! Thanks brotha! Looks like I may need to have a couple different apps till i know what I like haha. But, the I’d rather do that then waste my time searching and trying ones you all haven’t tried.

I like Strava. Free and lots of good GPS info too:

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It doesn’t record lifetime miles. It only records and saves sessions.

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Gotcha! Eitherway I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the heads up!

I’m a sucker for graphs! I’ll give this a try too! Thanks for the recommendation :grin:

I’m currently developing one for iOS and watchOS. I’ll let you know when it’s nearing completion :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! Please do :slight_smile:

I second the SpeedTracker app. No lifetime miles though.

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Hmm, I may need to just do with out the life time miles and just do it the old fashion way. This saves me a lot of time digging through the app store. Thank you!

I use SportsTracker. (on Android but it’s probably on ios) Has total mileage Can share with friends / fb if you like.

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Ohhh, shoot. This looks about right! Thanks for sharing brotha! That life time miles is huge for me as I’d like to know how long I go between wheels. We’re kinda all analytical freaks in here right?

Yeah, i really just wanted the lifetime miles, but since I travel, going back to see rides on the maps is gonna be cool. Just remember to start it before you ride!

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