What stuff do you want to bring in EU?

I’m tiered of paying skateboard stuff 500% more than in US example are wheels…

So I may have found a way for us EU people to have much lower prices for wheels(97mm flywheels 78a)

This is the price for a 15 people group buy For 40euro + shipping to UK is 12e, I’m currently negotiating with different post services to see who is the cheapest…

Caliber Trucks 10 inch 44/50degrees 40Eur + 12Eur shipping to uk (Did not compare the trucks price to whats available)

Also if you are interested in the wheels or anything else just post here so I have a rough number

Post here if there’s a popular item that’s cheap in US and expensive in EU So I can see if I can do anything to bring it in EU. I’m trying to bring the “hard to get” parts into peoples hands! Maybe some pulleys??

Anyways I have a lot of time and shipping stuff is not a problem to me, actually is stress relieving to me.


So much :slight_smile: Wheels : esk8 related and downhill related Decks: crazy differences

You have a supplier in mind or are all goods only available in a group buy manor? IF so maybe get a separate group buy going for gravity stuff ? :slight_smile:


Can you give me some models? We can order 10 diffrent items from 10 dffrent brands and cram it all up in one package and send to me

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TB 218 trucks?


They ship from us or china?

They ship from US

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get ready, been waiting for this : (also the new ronin trucks)







Do you maybe know the weight of them? (Pair)

What about Ollin wheels?

I don’t know. They ship flat rate in the US.

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Will check when I get home


Waiting on their reply about shipping Also the shipping from me might be a killer

I just checked 10kg package to uk is 25$ thats for 5 trucks or so

20kg ~ 10 trucks 48$ Someone trusted like you could just forward them to the buyers in UK Waiting on reply from TB, we might squeeze some mounts belts pulleys etc also


Sickboards is expensive. https://longboardshop.pl/pl/p/Rogue-Cast-Trucks-180mm/2878 And they had -15% but can’t see that anymore. They also have good price for Ronins and Kegels.

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So, I have been reading about TB Trucks and there’s a big interest for them in Europe from what I see TB will be the first that we do :slight_smile:

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would be definitely interested in a set of Ollin’s Popocas

I’m working on manufacturing those Nelson Batray reproduction decks with a routed out bottom. I can probs arrange having a bulk amount sent your way.


Thats great! I might be in for one