What the actual F**K just happened?

Will do. What settings do you recommend. I honestly have no Idea what does parameters do. It is set to default.

Was this a brand new motor, must have gone through a lot of abuse? And why don’t you align the phase wires towards the truck as it was pointed out many times? Every time the truck hanger turns you put stress on the phase wires which could have led to an internal damage!?


Oh yea that’s WAY off. Make sure you hit “apply” AND “write configuration” to apply the values.

It is from APS. And it looks like that because it scratched the street once on flat ground at very low speeds. Also there is a lot of space for those wires to move. No truck movement could have ever caused damage.

Thanks for pointing that out. Whatever that changed I hope it is good . Learned another thing.

Any Idea how I could try to recreate the scenario?. Or is the only option putting on full body armor and riding at rather low speeds till it happens again?

That would work, though you might end up in the same scenario of not knowing whether it’s the VESC or the motor. Perhaps it was simply the settings that were wrong, but it shouldn’t happen when the whole system is shut off.

Honestly, my guess is motor, but if you want to be safe, replace both motor + VESC. Otherwise, suit up!

Did you check your motor bearings? That happened once, it did not throw me off, but it can’t even start the board

One bearing was worn and sometimes it would lock and other it would be fine, heat can have an effect on that due to the metal expanding a little bit, if the tracks or the balls have wear, Just a little bit of expansion can lock the whole assembly

yeah I actually took a look at that, but they are fine and I don’t see a reason why they would not be.

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I knew this was a wallet draining project over time from the beginning, but I didint think it was goint to happen that fast :smiley: . Well I think new motor and VESC it is. Probably not a maytech vesc and a different motor ( I did not have the best experiences with APS to be honest). And a new motor pulley will be needed as well then. Still I do not know. APS makes great products I think and the motor really looked like a high quality product and I think it is ( I mean mistakes happen, but…).

I’m nearly sure you got a loose magnet inside the motor. Because you had a bump on your motor and it’s hard to turn by hand. I come from the drone racing world and it’s common.

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I agree with @Jinra that it is a short in either the motor or the vesc.

yeah I am probably going to exchange the motor And if that does not help the vesc as well.

Well, it looks like some people already threw ideas here on what could be guilty but I thought to share my experience I had recently -

I was making a new motor plate and stupidly I left the motor on the table where there happened to be a lot of metal shavings.

Somehow some huge shavings got inside the barrel and it also did not allow the motor to turn nicely, I could move it to one side but not to the opposite one, otherwise it just locked instantly.

I assume this might not be your case but I experienced something similar - difficulty to turn, as metal shavings blocked the gap between the magnets and stator, I assume If i did try to run the motor, it might have just snapped fragments of magnets in the process.

Besides this - I had to open the motor and clean the shavings for it to operate good once again.

Im not sure is this a possibility for you but it looks like alien motors have openings just across the ‘street’ not on the side, like my turnigy motor has.

So yeh, if everything else fails to eliminate the problem (like you try different vesc but problem still might persist) then who knows, maybe a small fragment got into the motor or something.

Though, I think this is unlikely a case for you but as I said at the beginning, I still thought to mention it, just in case :slight_smile:

Also check the length of your motor screws, if too long they can touch the motor windings and cause a short.

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@Okami @Jinra and everybody else I managed to recreate the scenario under not so deadly circumstances. When the board instantly breaked all of a sudden, I flipped it arround and found that the motor was hard to turn once again. I instantly disconnected the motor wires and made sure non of them touch each other. --> Problem was gone. As soon as I plugged them in again the problem was back. After a few 100m of riding in that state it was working normal again.

It seems to be the maytech VESC, that is somehow shorting the motor at random I think. I will replace the VESC and let you guys know how it went.

Thank you guys for helping me out!


That is really strange, normally esc’s either work or let the smoke out. Interested to know if this solves the issue. I have maytech’s and they have been good to me.

I fried a mosfet (or 2) on one of my vescs a while back and it phased out the motor. (put on the brakes) Permanently though. Whether it was on or off. Can be repaired.

well i don’t think i am capable of doing any repairs on that thing. Also I am going to wait with my pruchase a little. Just to make sure I do not waste my money