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What to buy for my first build

Alright, so I am conflicted on what to buy. I have come to this forum for answers.

I weigh 185ish pounds and am 6’2. I live in an area of moderate hills with a few hills that are pretty steep. I would like to go at least 25 mph. Something very important to me is definitely battery life but I would like to keep the price of battery under $150.

So I would like to keep the entire build under $500 if possible. I would like dual motors but price may be too high.

So what would you guys recommend me buying?
Should I use 149 KV or 190?

i weigh 220lbs and i can get away with a 213 kv setup on 10s. old ratio was 18/40 but it wasnt the best with hills so im dropping to a 14/40 ratio.

that board is for sale if youre interested. close to your price point.