What To Do With Skate Deck?

That’s basically what I’m doing with it, except I’m not used to short boards (short wheel base), so I’m mounting the trucks on the kick-tails…

Yeah I get it if your not used to. Broad and big board veel really weird for me. I always rode my skateboard with those big ass wheels and loved cruising and making it electric is just love

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Maybe you should have a look at the Xcar beast esc. It is great for anything lower than 6s. I have mine and the power and brakes are adjustable so they become quite smooth. You can also put a timing limit so that it won’t deliver full power, they aren’t too expensive either. Good luck with this build

It’s ok, I have a spare VESC that I’ll be using :thumbsup:

Ahhh now that’s better!


Now this is smooth. I did my wife’s build the same way.

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Remoteless would be cool. Accelerate and brake with stepon pressure sensors

Haha! Good idea but I’m not sure my son and daughter could cope with that, they’re not that stay on their feet as it is! Lol

Z board…

Some inspiration:

Details: 2x FOCBOX 8x ligo batteries (each 10s1p 18650s) 1x 2000 Watt Dual Hub Motors 1x Nano 2.4Ghz mini remote controller


WTF area those spikes sticking out of it!? It looks like a wepon! Lol

wait, that’s 10s8p??? holy shit! it does not look that big!

edit: yeah i call shenanigans

They are long countersunk screws for the ligo batteries.

The ligo batteries are made so they stack together like lego.

So to mount them I just flattened the bottom of the board with a belt sander, drilled holes and stacked them two high.


its more like 8x 10s1p in parallel. Each ligo battery is 10 18650s with it’s own BMS.

right, i got that. im having a hard time believe you managed to squeeze 80 cells and a pair of focboxes in there is all i’m sayin.

Ligo is a different form factor to Lipo or Li-ion. Look at the photo, each one of those bricks are 10s 36v

So to combat my killer wheel bite, I ground some wheel wells into the underside of the deck…

But it’s still not enough! :frowning:

I really don’t want to put mega high risers on this thing, it’s already quite high off the ground… I think I’m going to cut the ends of the board to the shape of the vanguard/boosted noses…

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Do something like this!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6X4GabAjQE

Yeah, that’s basically what I’m going to do :smile:

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