What to do with this 18650 battery pack I salvaged?

Orkun here.

I got this battery that came with 20 and 16 AWG wires with T-connectors of different size. How can I make this battery XT90 friendly?

Hey bro, Tarzan here :wink: looks like the small one is the charging port and the big one is for discharging. So simply cut the big T-connector off and solder an XT90 on.

If you like to use an XT90S as an antispark loop key, you´ll find a couple of tutorials here

Hello Tarzan! :slight_smile: Why do you think the other pack I have has a single MR30 connector like this: How does charging/discharging happen through a single connector here?

It might have a bms and it charges and discharges through the bms. Or it doesn’t have a bms so the cells can get out of balance it just means you have to disconnect and reconnect when you want to charge. Whereas with the battery with two plug it can stay connected and you charge with the spare plug