What to look at when buying lipo

For these single cell type batteries that you see in many rc cars. What should I look at when I am buying them? the MAH or when it says 5s? I know I am adding on to this, but can are 18650’s not better. Meaning more longevity and more discharge.

Those topics are the same

like andy said these topics are the same. And to answer your question we need more info about your setup. What motor are you running, What speed controller are you using, what is you goal? range, top speed, torque.

5s means there are 5 single cell lipo’s in series so the voltages are added up. example: (5 cells in series* single cell lipo voltage 3.7) = 18.5 Volts. putting cells in series has no effect in changing its capacity ie Mah. For esk8 you need at least 6s preferably 10s or 12s. If your happy with about 10km of range 5000Mah should be enough for you.

Also dude use the search function. it has all the answers you need.

12s5000mah is good for 15-20km

Noted. I use 5000mah lipos and get around 10km but that’s also partly due to me not discharging them below 38v on a 10s setup. Just speaking from my own experience

“MAH” is mega-amp-henries and does not measure anything about a cell or battery. “mAh” is milli-amp-hours and is a very good measure of how long a cell or battery will last. “mah” must be milli-atto-hours or something, I’m not exactly sure.

bruh wtf it’s milliamp hours :joy::heart:

The C rating is very important when using Lipos for esk8. I recommend 50C or higher and the higher, the better. As for capacity, 5000 mah is basically the minimum and can get you around 10-14 miles of range in a 10s configuration but your actual mileage will depend on multiple factors. As for the big S 10s-12s is pretty standard for esk8

mAh is milli-amp-hours

Metric prefixes

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