What Trampa trucks to take?

Currently looking at putting down a list for a “kaly nyc” build, i want to be able to use Superstar hubs and normal skateboard wheels like Boa 100mm in the future.

What truck would i be looking at? I was going with the Infinity truck but its a 12mm axle and im not sure if thats going to work with bearings and normal wheels.

I will be using the 35° SOLID TRAMPA Carve Deck if it makes any difference.


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Looks like i would need the mini trucks for it, skipping my idea of going 100mm boas in the future and just going directly to Gummies so i can use the normal AT trucks.

Nah, you could use the trampa ultimate trucks. Basically e-mtb trucks with 9.525mm axles. :grinning:

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Also dope trucks, but my max budget for deck wheels bearings and stuff from trampa is around 600 so not enough for them :frowning:

So will just skip the smaller longboard wheels, Gummies should be great and they are 125 so just 25 more then the boas i was planning on using and best of all cheaper.

How much are the boa’s? I think gummies is 30£ per «sleeve», so £120.

They are on sale for like 100 + 20 in shipping at the moment. (But else like 130 or so)

Its 40 per wheels incl hub for the Gummies so thats 160 and allows me to use 6.5" in the future so a bit saved in the end.

This is the config i was going with, and all i can say is i either press buy in 10 min or i dont if it looks good ill do it but im a trampa noob.


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No matter what anyone says theres no going back now, i already ordered hahaha. image

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You may want to buy an complete instead, if you can find. I bought a «custom complete», and it even came out cheaper than a normal complete. However, buying all the pieces alone makes it more expensive in the end.

They all come with Bindings so they are more expensive, i just needed wheels bearings deck screws and trucks no bindings im not about that binding life.

Also ordered so my money is gone.