What trucks and motor mount to use for MBS and kicktail board?

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So, if I have a board that’s 9 inches wide, I want firm trucks, riding on MBS all terrain wheels. What trucks would you recommend that I could get a motor mount for?

I would be using a 6364 245kv motor on a board with a kicktail.

Do I have wide options? Not sure what options I have with motor mount available.

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welcome - the most common one is Caliber II 50’s. 10" wide and for a single motor setup work great, even a longer motor like your 6364. Dual motors you need to stick to 6354/6355’s.

Motor mounts are super common for Caliber’s because the axle is “keyed” with a shape that helps prevent the mount from rotating like Paris and others which are round. Square w/ an arch on top basically.

There are several mounts available. Enertion, DIYes have some. @Shogu12 has one too that looks like Enertions. @korryh has a great adjustable one too (i have a few of his).

Tons of options for Caliber’s. Several for Paris too, but beware rotation challenges. I hated my ADS mounts - PITA.


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Curious… If I get the caliber 2 fiftys that are 10inch wide, would the 6364 motors fit?

One 6364 will fit. If you want dual motors on Caliber trucks you need to go with 6354/6355 motors as @sl33py said.

or option B if you want dual 6374 motors - dual diagonal mounts. So one motor on front truck, and one motor on rear truck - diagonally placed to balance out (you don’t want both on one side).


hmmm true true… 6374 versus 6354. I’m assuming the 74’s will give more torque giving the board an overall strong pull.

What do you recommend? 6374 or 6354 :smiley:

You could use a freebord G3 hanger. This should work for dual bigger motors since the hanger is 28cm but you better double check https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/freebord-talon-freebord-85cm-83mm-flywheels-dual-rear-2xsk3-turnigy-6374-190kv-motor-2x-enertion-motor-mounts-3x-multistar-5200mah-4s-lipo-batteries-2x-castle-creations-talon-120-esc-enertion-enclosure/12772/31