What Trucks for Direct Drive Motors?

If you arent living under a rock these last days, there has been a lot of new Direct Drive (NOT geared) being put out or sneak peaks of them, like the Metasurf, the torqueboard ones or the Swissboard ones.

Now these Motors require space in the trucks to mount and connect to the wheel. Sadly most trucks (or good trucks) dont have this space (or that i know of)

Now i was wondering if anyone makes these type of trucks that dont come from the same manufacturer of the DD’s (because they re usually expensive asf imo) , or if there is any trucks that have enough structural integrity to be modified and turned into ones.


Torqueboards should be mounting it to the truck directly so I don’t know if you would need it in that case. Can’t speak for what you might use for the other systems. Have you contacted the people making Meta or Swiss to get their suggestions, what did they say?


Most likely not as each truck is built specifically for each motor and the motors themselves are in turn made for the truck. If I’m not mistaken these trucks are designed ground up as is the case for @torqueboards if you’ll notice the heat sink towards the center.

You’re likely going to have to get it from the manufacturers as these are designed to work specifically for each other unless you can cnc your own set by cloning one of those DD trucks

The DD trucks from @torqueboards and Carvon as well are made to hold really thick axles in the 14mm range which standard skate trucks don’t have in addition to the extra length to fit the beefy motors (afaik 10mm is the thickest axle)


I do wonder how they are fixed into the axel…

I also saw this and thought if that would work. I see that sadly the DD have a huge problem that come with them. You might not be limited to Wheels,etc. but you are very limited to choice of trucks, which can be a big nono, and since the only ones that build the specific trucks are the owners of the DD’s and they can be bad, weighty, or not comfortable for some people

Anyways, thanks for the help

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@fliess cloned an atlas truck for his bulletproof diy DD.

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I was thinking of something like this

which is basically editing existing trucks into ones for DD’s.

I would like to see how @fliess 's trucks have held up so far, and if there is any bending or turning problems, what tools he used and of course, his opinion on this topic.

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The progress is all in his thread.

Here’s 500km on the truck/drive - and he doesn’t ride casually.

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I recall he ended up making his own truck or axle too


true :slight_smile:

Milled Atlas was never used.

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Any update on whether we can buy premade DD trucks yet?