What type of battery cells?

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on a German esk8 Forum a discussion started about the battery used in an Evolve Carbon GT. The Marketing team claims they use some sort of special cells (so special that they are apparently manufactured solely for them). Does anybody have information about this? I can’t seem to find anything and still believe they use standard 18650 cells.


There are only a few true makers of batteries so…it’s prob something rewrapped

exactly - but someone even said they are not even using 18650 but something else due to the weight. Can’t believe that and wanted something to back my opinion up.

We need someone to crack one open

which is weird - this seems like a thing somebody has already done but I can’t find any information or tear down or whatever on the evolve battery.

@whitepony pointed out somewhere at endless-sphere his evolve AT is using a 10s 10Ah Lipo. Not sure about other evolve boards

wasn’t that an old version? I thought the Carbon GT has a new battery that is based on 18650

hmm strange, you don´t really find anything about that… maybe some guys here could help out if they have the possibility to look inside.

Yeah it is super weird. Normally enthusiasts like us disassemble everything we can get our hands on and I am so used to finding this type of information on everything “technology” like phones, tablets, laptops etc. But the evolve battery is a mystery. There are no pictures of the insides anywhere.

I had an evolve GT and although I didn’t open the battery it looked to be 18650 cells. I’m not sure why anyone would think otherwise due to its weight because it’s about 17 pounds and my other carbon fiber DIY board is 18 pounds with 63 millimeter motors so it seems to be right on point.

I think I read somewhere (forgot where now) that they were using 10 prismatic cells in series or something like that. Also read that someone tried to make a new battery pack out of 18650’s and it wouldn’t fit.

I was wondering if anyone found new info on this since it has been 2 months since the last post.

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Bumping this thread to see if there’s any info on the cells used in the GT boards? Anyone have any new info by any chance?

I can confirm it is 10 prismatic cells in series. It would break my heart if it means I can’t replace it with 18650s. But here is the picture to confirm it

that is the old evolve battery - the GT boards use 18650:

That picture was from the Evolve forum and the user states that it is from the Carbon GT. Unless the cells are inside the packaging (which would make for 2 layers), I have no reason not to take his word for it being prismatic cells.

Seems weird then that they apparently switched from Liions to Lipos :confused:

I don’t think they switched to Li-Po. I think they are just Li-ion prismatic cells.

When we talk about liions we usually mean 18650 or 26500 cells. lipo is the synonym for bags or pouches. The actual chemistry does not matter in both cases.