What type of gearing do I want?

Hi Guys I want to get more speed than with my current setup. I am currently running HDT 5m 9mm 265 Belts with Motor a 12T motor pulley and a 32T Wheel pulley. I get belt slip with this setup and a top speed of about 35 km/h. The motors are dual 6374 200kv and I get more than enough torque going uphill, so no problems there.

I would like 15mm wide belts this time around and am not sure how many teeth the wheel and motor pulleys should have. What would you recommend?


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15/16t and 36t is common for 83/90mm wheels. Use HTTP://calc.esk8.it to get a whiff of theoretical speeds with various gearing ratios

You could keep the 32t wheel pulley and get a 14-16 motor pulley. The belt slip is most likely because a 12t motor pulley is just too small. If your riding mostly flat and want max speed get a 16t. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/16t-htd5-motor-pulley/

Can confirm - I’d go with a 15-16t motor pulley and size the wheel pulley according to your top speed requirements. You get better belt teeth engagement that way. I haven’t had mine slip on 12s single 6355 or 6374.

Use this site to see how many belt teeth are meshing with the pulley


It will be red if it’s too few. 12/32 has 5 teeth in mesh (red) vs 7 teeth in a 16/36-40-42 setup.

I’m running 12s on 80mm wheels at 16/36 on a single 6355 or 6374 (tried both) and it will easily accelerate up big hills and go 50km/h

16/40 or even 16/42 would be closest to your 12/32 gearing, but with a lot better belt tooth mesh.

Belt slip is either too few teeth in mesh or the tension of your belt is inadequate.

upgrade to a 15T or 16T and add an idler pulley if you are still getting belt slip. you can stick with 9mm belts if you use an idler.

however if you can fit the 15mm belts on your dual drive then go for it.