What vesc should i get

I‘m into this only one year, but vesc6 derivates became pretty cheap. There are now dual vescs which share one pcb for two motors. Integrated anti spark switches and roll to start features. The new vesc firmware allows you to flash firmware from the master to the slave via CAN bus. Integrated Bluetooth modules. A lot of things happened in the last time.


Im in the same place as @hornet90 just starting my 2nd build after 2 years of absence, who make these double vesc in one pcb with bluetooth?

Focbox Unity from enertion. They now on Easter sale for some more hours. If you buy two it’s 199$ US per one. Maybe you guys want to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Arghhh Enertion, i refuse to buy from him, no one else sells these? Are they vesc or a different esc?


I don’t recommend units with 2 ESCs conjoined together, like this one above. If you have a failure, you have to replace two ESCs instead of one, and less chance of the other side still working after a failure.


What about this one?

Flipsky sell dual vescs as well. 4.20hw and hw6. But There is no Bluetooth integrated and the anti spark switch is so so. Besides that they work well. Considering the point from @b264 it’s always up to what you want and need and if you ready to take the risk of breaking only one esc or both.

Ill check this one out, have a list of parts sellers? Like Evolve Diy Ollin

One setup i was thinking of was two vescs and a battery on each vesc lets say 10s 4p it would be lsame way trampa do there set ups


Sorry trampa put 12s lipo on each vesc 6

Bro idk why no one refers Vanda but my vescs are beautiful and they work great. I’ve put them through some heavy abuse and they keep ticking.

Put alink up for them

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If you run both vescs on a separated power supply you can’t connect them via CAN bus. I wouldn’t do that if you want to use can.

The dual esc’s recently on offer are convenient and are performing well. It could be argued that simplifying them, removing extra wiring, the tighter footprint and less plugged in components will reduce failure rates in tight enclosures on hobby boards that are being worked on often.

Whether you buy one or not you’re still going to have to listen to Brian regurgitate the same fucking “advice” over and over and over again. So you might as well buy one and reap the benefits.

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I don’t recommend CANBUS or any connection. Even use 2 separate receivers for the remote.

I use canbus it works fine. I run one power supply for both vanda’s I haven’t had any problems with then. Over 50 miles I believe I have on them if not more. 10s4p

Mmm interesting when i left the sk8 community can was the only way to run 2 motors at least i dont remember this veing an option, can u elaborate on how this would work? Or is the there a threat talking bout this?

Don’t say it’s not working but you have different potentials on different vescs. Google about it and you will understand that it is not a good idea to do so :wink:

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