What VESC to choose?

Hi I’m Roy and I’m planning to make an Electric skateboard. My goal is to build a premium skateboard.

Which VESC do you recommend when using 2x 6374 190KV 3500W?

(Flipsky bldc belt motor battle hardened 6374 190kv 3500w brushless for electric skateboard spare parts Sale - Banggood.com)

Battery: Thought of 12S or would you rather recommend 18S with a lower KV motor?

My preference was for the stormcore 60D+, but I can’t order it in the Netherlands.

I was thinking maybe MakerX go-foc DV6 (Go-FOC DV6 3-12S Dual 100A ESC for electric Skateboard Base On VESC6 - MakerX)

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Welcome to the forum Roy. Check out massive stator esc collection. Both vesc based ESC’s.

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What deck and enclosure? Those need to be sorted out before the battery, which needs to be sorted out before the ESC.

I also have Flipsky 6374’s and been thinking about getting a GO-FOC DV6 upgrade, but the male bullet connectors on my motors are 4 mm while the bullets on the vesc are 5.5 mm (or 6 mm, it says both in different places on their website). I’m trying to figure out how I would connect the 4 mm motor connectors to the 5.5 mm VESC connectors if I were to get this vesc. Any ideas?

Best idea I’ve got would be to just shove the 4 mm female into the back of the 5.5 mm male and solder it on, then the 5.5 mm male could just plug into the 5.5 mm female on the vesc wires. Not sure if this would be feasible though, never done it.

@edylan you can just replace bullet connectors either on vesc or motor side. if you dont want to touch them then another viable choice is to make a small extension cable where one end is 4mm and the other end is 5.5mm