What Voltage and Amperage should one use to get a good smooth brake that isn't too sharp?

I have a 12s6p battery on my board and the acceleration is great but a little sharp. The breaking is so sharp i can barely pull the trigger before the board slams on the breaks.

What Voltage and amperage should I use to be able to have good accel and top speed but not too sharp accel or breaking?

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The sensibility of braking and acceleration is not related to maximum current settings but with throttle settings, if you have a mini remote you should have plenty of throttle range.

Have you calibrated your ppm settings?

Are you using a nano x remote?

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Be sure to try different ramping settings!

I am using the nano remote from Torque Boards, I followed their instructions for remote setup, and their instructions for calibrating the vesc’s to my motors, but they didn’t mention throttle range or ramping settings.

what are your vesc settings? If you simply use the same specs for brakes as for discharge, brakes are too strong usually.

AFAIK the nano remote has a really short throttle range that cause the brakes to feel too strong. You might want to talk to @achatham about this he has the exact same issue. This does not happen with the mini remote

If worse comes to worse, what remote is better but not too big?

I’m already used to the mini remote. Best remote connection wise, you get used to it and won’t use anything else ever


I think I have max accel amperage at 60 and the breaking amperage capped at 40, but I know the boosted board uses a 12s1p battery which would lead me to believe that the amperage they have available is 15A or 20A, but if it’s a remote issue I can just find a different one.

Oh haha good to know, I’ll just send Torque Boards an email and see I’d they can tell me how to make the acceleration curve smoother.

theres two settings for acceleration and two for braking in the vesc: motor and battery current and negative motor and battery current. 40 is high for either negative motor or battery i think.

Mini Remote might be big, but it’s killing it in every other way. Highly recommend.

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The Maytech thumb remote has actually been pretty great. Also highly recommend

Mine has a very short range. I almost died lol

Your Maytech? Maybe mine works well because I’m running sensored and the range isn’t as important, although still nice.

Mine loses connection very often often. Seems due to some interferences

mine sucks

So I noticed that the braking numbers you set, no matter if it’s 8 or 16, it’s always very responsive at the lower speeds but where you notice the big difference in responsiveness is at higher speeds. With braking set to 16 I am able to stop a lot quicker than if set at 8.

Now that number will be different based on your motor, weight, terrain etc.

What do you mean set the brake to 16? Can you send me a link to what you are talking about?

Reduce your motor min from -65A to -50A it’ll give you less braking a lower speeds