What was your first time on a electric skateboard? what were your thoughts on it? Here's mine!

Hi! Well I recently finished my first board not to long ago. (( 3 days ago)) And I got it out to the road in front of my house excited as hell. I was wondering what your first thoughts were on your board? I was worried about getting hurt really bad due to some parts of my city have crappy roads. Or I would eat asphalt on the sidewalk when traffic was compact. But to my surprise its a pretty safe ride for me. The only other thing I don’t like about my first build is my batteries. I bought 2 5s 4000mah lipo batteries to use and I only get about 5 miles out of them max. I hope to fix that once I get a lithium ion pack from a vendor on the forum. But over all I love my board. I rode it to the store last night and loved every minute of it. again only sad part is that there is no range to it at all but I plan to correct that next month.