What would be a good Electric Mountainboard setup?


I’m looking into making an electric mountainboard. I have made 2 electric longboards already, both with kits. And I’m now searching for sellers who can do the same for MTB’s.

Specs I’m searching after = 50 top speed , range 10 km or something, as cheap as possible without downgrading in quality too much. -Planned on using Car ESC’s , Nowind is using 8s ESC in combination with 8s LIPO’s which chould be a fun and powerfull combo.

  • dual drive, with sk3’s 140-170 kv’s
  • who makes good , affordable motor mounts? I would go belt or spur gears.
  • are there different sorts of mountainboards ? (eu) Everyone is using Trampa because they are one of the best, i guess. But there prices seems a bit high in comparison to other MTB’s I have seen.

In general , feel free to post a setup of a e-MTB, which you would be happy with , aiming for the specs I’d want. I don’t want to cheap out too much because I have learned from my e-skates that you will be building a better one soon after without all the flaws of the first, cheaper one. Any idea of estimated price ? I hear a lot of 3K , But can’t you do it for like 1.5K aswell? Thanks !

I have started a build with this cheap ass “mountainboard” https://www.atbshop.co.uk/mountainboards/hq-raid-atb-assassin-8in-mountainboard only proplem is getting/making a good mount for 12mm hollow axle, but im working on it.

If you had chosen these trucks = https://www.atbshop.co.uk/mountainboard-accessories/mbs-matrix-truck You could’ve used the holes for the brakes as mounting holes for your mount.

Saw somoene do this with his own 3D printed mounts

http://www.trampaboards.com/35-short-trampa-deck-on-infinity-trucks-hypa-wheels-velcro-bindings--666-mountainboard-p-12331.html 330 pounds

u can get a chain drive kit from @Nowind for about 300 pounds https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/products/ezrun-max6-esc?variant=4075925316 to of these ar about 250 pounds 2x https://hobbyking.com/en_us/multistar-high-capacity-4s-10000mah-multi-rotor-lipo-pack.html in series 100 pounds chose wat controller u like
and last 2x https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-192kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html 140 pounds

1160 pounds + lets say around 100 euro shipping

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thats pretty much the setup I currently have but I went belt drive.

eMTB’s are not cheap but well worth the time and money.

How do you buy from NoWind?

Does he have an online shop, where you can see prices ? How is the belt,chain & spur gear price difference ? Because in my opinion it goes Spur>Belt>chain.

Thanks for your input

just email him [email protected]

hey, I did that for a personnal project; don’t hesitate !