What would be the most reliable ESC for this setup?

So here it is.What ESC would you recommend, price within reason.

I am really looking to learn more and would appreciate your advice.



For sure VESC! I road a car esc for 2 years. Just upgrade to vesc and it’s day and night difference! I bought the maytech vesc on ebay for 90$. My car esc cost 120$. Easy choice.

It’s always going to be VESC every time…

VESC hands down

or Up… Whatever you’re into, I won’t judge

Question: Whats the most reliable ESC for any build? Answer: Vesc

Question: What the best performing ESC for any build? Answer: Vesc

Performance: The Vesc is not only smoother on acceleration and braking. I it also more efficient. When I upgraded from my 120a car esc’s to Vesc I think I gained about 5 mph on top end.