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What would be the top speed and range?

well, i am beginner in electric skateboarding and i want to make my own electric skateboard. i have got these parts and i would like to what would be the top speed and average range.i want to build this skateboard for going uphills(around 30-35 % elevation)

motors-190kv electric skateboard motor 6355
battery - space cell pro3
esc - vesc
wheels - pneumatic wheels

We need a bit more info:
Wheel diameter
Wheel pulley size
Motor pulley size

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Have at it

Plug in your numbers ā€¦ Use 70-75 efficiency

Range IS dependent on many factors which I will not name because you can guess what they are ā€¦

The guys with a space cell will hopefully chime in and give you a real world range

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Also: rider weight

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Please look at this thread as it pertains to you

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Welcome to the best e-board forum on the planet!
Unless your weight is around 50 lbs.
your gonna want a dual motor setup to climb 35% grades with those big wheels.
Iā€™m running dual 6355 230 KV, 2650 watt ea. with 12s and have climbed abt a 20% grade with 90mm wheels and felt like the setup handled it but with a generous amount of throttle.

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thanks for your reply people. helped me a lot . it seems i need a dual motor and it will work pretty much fine. .