What would it take to install a LCD panel on the top front of my board like on the 'FIBOARD'?

I’m planning on building my own deck for my next Esk8 and I just came across the FIBOARD again and it’s got me wondering what it would require to install a similar system on my build. I imagine it can’t be too crazy difficult as I’ve been following the thread for a custom vesc remote that also has a LCD built in with very similar statistics, so I would like to try and create one but on the top front of my deck.

Here is the remote with the similar specs on its LCD


My thoughts here:

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You want an @Wajdi remote, some of these features will be in the bms offer by @fedestanco as well but that is not currently available afaik.

the low tech route can give you battery info via an ammeter, there are various implementations covered which you can find by searching. or there is the diy remote

I put a small voltage meter on my 1st build, it lasted about 3 rides and shattered internally and never worked again, I have to remember these are skateboards and they call they call it shredding and thrashing for a reason…if you put this stuff in your board, be sure to built it tough enough to be called a skateboard still and survive a kickflip from the loading dock…you don’t make a gun that would not survive the war right? Don’t make a skateboard that cannot survive “skateboarding” lol I am trying a LED voltage gauge next to see if I can’t find a tough solution myself, at least for battery V…I also have a bluetooth telemtry thingy coming to check out on the newer vesc’s…