What would the effects be of adding a 1.5 inch (38mm) riser?

Planning a build out, clearance seems to be an issue, what would the result of adding a large 1.5 inch riser be? Would be using 5 inch gummies on a trampa, was thinking it would just increase clearance and ultimately just make the board feel as if it were using 8" tires. Not sure how the mechanics behind this work.

Increase clearance, increase leverage, increased ground clearance… increased height.

Lower boards being either below, close to or nearer to (just above) the pivot axis have historically been assumed to be more stable, but I won’t say that 1.5" risers will be inherently less stable, as that has not been my experience- some people just don’t like tall rides. I’d give it a try yourself and see how you like it. And if using such tall risers is absolutely necessary, than you don’t have much choice to begin with.

If clearance is a big issue with no risers, clearance can become a small issue with small risers and a non-issue with relatively not-so-tall risers… in practice you might not have to use such tall risers depending on your bushing setup.


Would be using 5 inch gummies […] just make the board feel as if it were using 8" tires

Nope, no matter how much riser you add, 8" tires are still going to ride differently than 5" gummies.


Didn’t mean it like that, I meant height wise since 8" are 1.5 inches higher than 5" I know they are going to ride differently which is why I need the gummies :slight_smile:

A lot of people think it’s the worst thing ever.

Then other people - like myself - feel that once you get used to it, it’s not really a problem. The benefits it can provide (huge wheels on a small board) outweigh the height increase sometimes.

I would not exceed 25mm - 40mm though. Under 25mm, no problem at all. 25 - 40 is pretty tall. I would not exceed 40mm, though you could probably get used to that and ride just fine also. I’ve never tried anything that tall.

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I just kept my riser height at 16mm. This puts my board at 20CM ground clearance with 154mm wheels. I can ride over ANYTHING with a bottom mounted double stack now! :laughing:

You got a double stacked undermounted battery on a trampa? Would have to me 40 cm riser max for me to get what you have



Well it may not be so bad it would be the same height as 8" wheels just without 8" wheels, ill have bindings to help stability, have a plan to route the cables through the risers anyways.

Oh lol i mean 40mm!!! Shh speaking of are there any trampa shock absorbing risers?

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Why shock absorbing risers you have pneumatics + the flexible deck of the trampa after all.

Anyway I would advice to 3Dprint one from either Nylon, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, ASA, PP, (PETG) or a hard grade TPU (all very impact resistant 3d print plastics) if you want unconventional risers. Most of these are also somewhat shock absorbing espacially the PC/ABS and TPU.

PS: I could propably print one for cheap in ABS, PC/ABS or D54 TPU, it makes only sense if you are in the EU because of shipping.

Not in Eu will try to design it myself since I have a good idea of how to make everything fit together just currently have no experience nor the program to create the design, which program is it? I will probably use abs. and I will be using 125mm gummies not pneumatics, I wouldn’t need the risers if it werent for the gummies, looses efficiency using pneumatics.

Ultimately it kinda depends on what you’re running already. The important thing here skate geometry wise is the deck height vs the roll axis, and if you’ve already got an aggressive drop with low-ish profile trucks, you could already be an inch below the roll axis, and a 1.5" riser would actually give you a more neutral setup.

But if your deck height is already above the roll axis, a 1.5" riser is pretty crazy.

Are you sure you have problems with clearance? I would try the Gummies as it is first, you will fall in love most likely

If your enclosure will hit not very often, design it to take a beating

Mine has a lot of little dents anda giant scratch that goes almost all the way, but I wouldn’t trade having it less beaten and raising the board

(Black matte paint does wonders to hide scratches, but also difficult to photograph) image

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Printing Services will need a CAD file .STL is mostly used. There are a variety of programms you could use, Fusion360 is probably the most versatile and common one right now. It’s a fullfeatured CAD/CAM programm which is free for makers/hobbiests and small buisnesses you can find many yt tutorial help for it. But at the end most design programms can convert to .STL and you should be able to use whatever you are most comfortable whith.