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What would the specs be for this motor?

i want to make a custom motor that can do what i have listed bellow dose any one son what my motor require.
41 kph, 30 to 35% hill grade, weight limit 250 pounds also these are the specs for the battery that would be powering the motor 37v, 10ah and 25c.
Hope someone could help I’m really stuck :slight_smile:

30-35% grade is fairly steep, especially for your weight. Dual 6355’s would the minimum IMO, but you may want to step up to dual 6374’s in dual diagonal. Turnigy SK3, Enertion R-spec, or torqueboards (DIYelectricskateboard) would be a good place to start. Try to stick to <200kv.

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30-35% is very steep!
You should talk to @torqueboards
He has experience with steep hills in San Fransisco

You’d have to get the lowest gearing possible …12t with something larger than a 36t on the wheel…40t 44t? With a low kv motor…but you can’t have top speed too…if you move it to 12s …you would have a better shot

Plus you would def need a dual set up…a single would just eventually die on you putting constant load of 250 with 30% grade