What's a fair price to sell a used DIY eboard?

Let’s say you paid USD 1000 for parts and used it for 2 months, that e-board is not new anymore, the enclosure has a couple of dents and the motors got some scrapping by regular use, wheels look good but had some chips.

Even though, you put an immense ammount of work, dedication and love, these things are not going to be worth at all and the time if selling.

What do you usually sell your boards for? 50% of the total parts is a good compromise or 30%?

Personally, I’ve seen more success from just selling the parts off. You could sell it as a unit for 50-75% of cost imo depending on how good it looks.

Thar’s a very good advice.

However there are always people willing to pay for a board that is better than a Boosted Board or Evolve

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I’m interested on buying completed. Let me know the specs and what you’d be willing to let it go for? Thanks

I am also interested. Feel free to message me with specs.

I think it ultimately comes down to how well built it is. A board with a lunchbox ducktaped on will probably go for 20% of cost. You might actually be able to turn a profit on something made well with a good looking enclosures and a build thread to show how its put together.

That being said I don’t think this forum is the place to sell since most people here are looking for parts.

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selling is quite frustrating - my tesseract went out for 650€, my spud for 850€, couldnt tear the things apart, but also keeping them was pointless since I was never riding them. the spud was basically used for 3 battery charges … :worried:

keep in mind: these were both fully pimped out boards - precision cupped washers, urethane pivots, riptide bushings, swiss super6 bearings with abec 90mm 75A. all these things cost a lot of money, but the community does not value that. the tesseract raw board with trucks, wheels, bearings and truck tuning was 400€ alone.


That is so sad to hear - your Spud was a masterpiece :cry:

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It’s very sad. Used is always used so it’s very hard to get good value from it. If you want some profit it should be marked as custom made NEW board like LHB does.
Few years ago when i was 17 i bought old Kawasaki kx and made it road legal. I spent over 3000e and people loved it, but when i had to sell it i was able to get only little over 1000e… very fustrating because i put all my summer job money into that.

I’ve found this hobby to be similar than car tuning, no matter what parts, quality, countless hours of work or love you put inyour eboard, you are not gonna get good retirn on the investment.

You just need to spend the money and enjoy the ride, that’s what this is all about, the experience must be enjoyed by yourself and for you only.

If you want to get money out of your build then build a brand new for someone.

I’d sell all my used boards for 50% of the price when the time comes

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Unless you make a brand and offer some support, it makes it hard for the average consumer to buy the board for more than it’s value in parts. The lack of support doesn’t add to the price it lowers it.

If you offer warranty/support in a form of an established brand or company, consumers will probably pay to buy a complete board for more than it is worth like Boosted, Evolve etc.

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