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Whats a great $2500ish esk8 build?

Hello! I am looking to make a parts list around the price of $2500 for the best value for the money. Also, I dont mind a recommendation for a pre-built, as long as its better than any esk8 board I could build for $2500. Here is my criteria : I would prefer around/over 35 MPH top speed with above average acceleration and I would prefer some realy nice brakes too that would stop and slow me down really quickly but not throw me off the board at the same time. I would prefer ranges of over 35 miles. Ill be driving on pavement and roads mostly with some occasional gravel and 15% - 25% hills My price range is around $2000 USD - $2600 USD. And also, I would prefer the deck to be carbon fiber, but if another material is better, I wouldnt mind.

It would take a little while to prepare a parts list, but in the word of prebuilts, The LaCroix Jaws fits your criteria well, except in the subject of range.

Interesting. I dont mind waiting, I can prepare for up to 1 year and 4 months just getting everything perfect before buying anything. Would you say the LaCroix could be modded to have the amount of range I would like and would you say that its one of the best for the price?