Whats a great $2500ish esk8 build?

Hello! I am looking to make a parts list around the price of $2500 for the best value for the money. Also, I dont mind a recommendation for a pre-built, as long as its better than any esk8 board I could build for $2500. Here is my criteria : I would prefer around/over 35 MPH top speed with above average acceleration and I would prefer some realy nice brakes too that would stop and slow me down really quickly but not throw me off the board at the same time. I would prefer ranges of over 35 miles. Ill be driving on pavement and roads mostly with some occasional gravel and 15% - 25% hills My price range is around $2000 USD - $2600 USD. And also, I would prefer the deck to be carbon fiber, but if another material is better, I wouldnt mind.


It would take a little while to prepare a parts list, but in the word of prebuilts, The LaCroix Jaws fits your criteria well, except in the subject of range.

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Interesting. I dont mind waiting, I can prepare for up to 1 year and 4 months just getting everything perfect before buying anything. Would you say the LaCroix could be modded to have the amount of range I would like and would you say that its one of the best for the price?

Evolve GTR with street set up gets very near to your requirements. Your size has a bit to do with performance. Works best if under 200lbs. I have the all terrain set up and love it. Entire package $2000 w/o tax.

evolve is mildly overpriced but you do get good specs, i wish they were water resistant for that price

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This should be really doable since i’m doing a build with matching specs but for around a 1300-1500 dollar budget. I am of course using some budget stuff but your budget should be more than good for those specs

I’d agree to an extent on price, but with no practical experience building boards and not knowing any trusted experts nearby, I chose the company that seemed to be the most established and professional. Now as far as the weather proofing, I ride in all weather, mud, rain, dust, snow (if we had it). I make sure all the ports are secure and keep it clean. I have to dry everything. I clean and oil the bearings after every ride and have not had any problems in a year of hard riding. I have the all terrain tires and it’s been loads of fun. I do want more power now that I’m comfortable riding it and because I’m on the large end of their load limit (222lbs). That’s my next project - to either upgrade this board or buy something else. Momentum Boards in San Antonio TX have an OUTSTANDING board selection at reasonable prices. Powerful , Minimal, and Borgeous Boards. These are what I wish I’d known about a year ago. God Bless and Good Fortune - kw.

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