What's a nice color wheel

The lighter color is untinted and the orange has a bit of added orange tint. I really like these translucent colors. Gummybear colors. These are even a bit more durable since the pigment isn’t helpful. Negligible really but I like these! Have some purple tint next. Getting molds and pieces done by end of this week. I don’t want to over-do my welcome on this site with every new event…if you have motors coming pm me and I can send u pics and I can decide on what color you want. :solid black, untinted, solid orange, solid purple, translucent orange, or translucent purple.

The other pics are battery tray I made a mold of using 3D print. Once the cells and this connections are in it…por on top the same clear and then glue it to the board with the same material. 70 duro rubber

The wheel making is slow at first because each mold takes 2 days to make. After its made its 3hours per pour. I’ll have them all done by the end of this week. But if u want a color speak up or ill get a purple translucent likely. I like it.

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What is the finished height of these wheels with the urethane on it? LAst time i asked i think you said you were going to check but that you thought it was 81mm, which to me is an odd size since flywheel clones are 83 and orangutan kegels are 80.

If you’re going to model them after a particular wheel’s size, you might want to start with the colors those wheels are available in so that they can be sold as a set or at least match something that’s out there already. For example, kegel’s orange or purple.

Oh and what’s the width on these?

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These are 80x56. Same as kegel. I can copy the kegel color or at least get close but I like these translucent versions. Trying to match a color exactly is a pain because the tint amounts needed are so tiny. We’re talking .2 grams.

There’s always black

Yea id have to agree with @longhairedboy. Match any of the kegels

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I don’t love the translucent colours. I think the Kegel Purple would look good with your purple motors.

my advice is that you keep your hub motor post all together to make it easy for people to find the info, for instance in this thread:

ALSO, learn how to categorize your new posts & try to keep them about a single project/topic. For instance the battery tray/mold should be a new separate post, under eboard electronics category. No one will ever find this very interesting info in this thread that is about wheel colours.

dark purple would be good

I agree with those above. The kegel colors would probably be best

Any one want to split a pack of kegels with me. I only need two

transparent clear white with blinking led light .

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That would be awesome!!