What's in your tool box?

What are the essential tools to build a electric skateboard?

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I have…

  • 30 piece imperial/metric allen key set.
  • Driver with hex nuts, phillips, flat heads, etc.
  • Monkey wrench.
  • Soldering station (480 celcius) with hot air gun. Flux, tin, wick, heatshrink, etc.
  • Dremel
  • Xacto blades
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Necessity is the mother of invention. It’s pretty amazing what folks can do with a hack saw and file (like make your own motor mounts).

I think some basic hand tools are needed - a decent skate tool is always nice (everything you need to assemble and adjust at your finger tips). Depending on which motor mount you have (or made) - usually some allen keys to adjust tighten.

A soldering iron and heatshrink are great to have. You can buy pre-made connectors and adapters to connect everything, but having the ability to make your own custom length wires, with your connector of choice, really cleans up your wiring and makes it look nice (vs spaghetti).

Always when I see your awesome workshops I feel like this is my toolbox


Also check out @onloop’s build videos - you can see what it takes when everything lines up (and is common connector and made to work together). Don’t expect it to be exactly that easy when you get parts from 3-4 different places w/ different connectors and need adapters.

It’s okay… my workshop is my dining room table

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Same here, for some reason my gf is not so happy about it :thinking:

Hahaha only tool you need is a Dremel😜

Well, it full of color and you can draw some insane form… I don’t have these option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is what I have: Soldering Station Allen Keys T tool/skate tool Adjustable wrench Orbital sander 10mm socket wrench (I think that is what it is called) Jigsaw (Coming soon) Heatshrink

if you’re running enertion gear then i reccommend getting a 10mm ratcheting socket wrench. AutoZone has a decent one for $15 and its totally worth it for belt tensioning. Its not the finest ratchet tooth count, but it definitely makes working those nylock nuts a lot easier.

i finally bought a drill press this past weekend. yay straighter truck bolt holes!