What's inside a boosted board - board dismantled

These guys break apart Boosted Board.


Ugh! They destroyed a perfectly good boosted board.


I was cringing when they were pounding that chisel near the batteries…


Does anyone know what kind of motors they use?

I feel bad for those who have overpaid for that board. Really looking at it, that board could be build for under $500 USD. I like the idea of integrating stuff into the boards design is great, but I know with the hills I go up and the amount I use my board, that thing wouldn’t last me more than a week.

I can’t believe how much money these guys have made for what is really an inferior design.


Scorpion motors I think… or custom

@evoheyax can you elaborate on that ?
What makes for an inferior design ?
I would love to see a bill of materials for an equivalent (in every way) sub $500 board.

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lets not forget that these guys are running a business, and they got to make money.
a 100% markup is pretty standard across most items, so if they sell for $1000 expect that it cost $500 to make.


agreed @lowGuido

plus, since they make most of their parts, they get them at cost, or heavily discounted by buying in bulk: so again, it probably costs them half as much for those motors as it would if someone like us were to try to buy them.

What makes it inferior is the small motors and battery. It’s useful for short trips, but one is limited in what they can use it for, I.e. Not a commuter board (without still having to take buses).

On the motors, because of the belt pulley system, at least here in San Francisco, you would need to be careful on where you ride it. Having a board myself with a belt pulley system, I constantly get little stones into the belt and gears. This is one reason why I’m moving to the hub motors.

I think a similar but still better built would be:

-Any board with grip ~$50

-carvOn single motor drive (includes wheels, bearings, and trucks) $300

-VESC $120
-zippy 6s 8000mAh -$80

All in all, that’s ~$550 and the components are of a higher quality. You can tell by watching the video that the board cannot take any abuse without breaking so my feeling is there’s a lot of unhappy people out there whose boards have already kicked the curb.


I have boosted dual+ and a carvon single hub/vesc setup you described.

I agree that the boosted board is a rip off at full price for what you get but disagree that there are tons of unhappy users. Check out their reddit page and other social media presence. I’ve never seen so many people love a product so much. Their customer service is superb and the design and curb appeal of the board is excellent.

My carvon is great but hill climbing and stopping power can’t match the boosted. It is no where near as polished looking. Single hub also pushes unevenly compared to dual motor, especially at high speed.

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I could be wrong, as I’m making assumptions based on the videos and pictures plus little bit of data I’ve seen. Even if my my $550 build is quite the same, a dual motor carvon plus with 2 x lipos and 2 VESCs would be much better.

  • board ~$50
  • carvON dual $500
    -2 VESC $240
  • 2 zippy 6s 8000Mah $160

for $950, cheaper then boosted, you can surely build a board with a much higher top speeds, greater range, and more features.

Don’t forget the charger, and decks can range from $50 to $100 or more. It’s like that mac vs pc argument. Could you build a pc for the same $$$ as a mac that would destroy that mac, of course, but you’re paying for a beautiful functional machine when buying a mac. Same thing here really imo.


Nope! You are on the right track!

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This is why the “self built eboard movement” phenonomen is going from strength-to-strength worldwide. Dream it, Build it…

Because Performance Matters!

The more we can spread the knowledge, of how to make really good homemade esk8’s, the better they become…just over the last year alone the user builds have been mind blowingly-good! … they are constantly getting better & better. The in-a-box offerings are not really that amazing and are not really improving.

What do they have the we don’t have? - Sleek hand controllers was the last frontier.

We are out building the big brands from our garages!


they have really nice custom enclosures…


C’mon - at least splurge for Enertion space cell since and a nicer board to pair with your carvon and VESC. you also forgot to buy a nice enclosure - but I guess velcro works…

lol braided copper flats. That’s a nice trick. I think i remember hearing about that before, though.

It looks suspiciously like copper ground strapping.

Don’t be sad. This is just random skate violence against big corporations. This is for science.

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vacuum formed. all the low angles make it cost effective while giving it a performance look.

I took some cues from boosted on that for the box design that i’m working on for my decks.

I fully support everything enertion does, but the space cell to me is too expensive if the slim form factor is not needed. I use 2x zippy lipos in parallel and I get a 15-20 mile range (depending on the hills). I may in the future use a space cell when I try to build a thinner board.

The point of this build was to show a decent build can be done for a fraction of the price.

My current build is the enertion trucks, wheels, abec bearings, 1x r-spec II motor, 1x enertion mechanical system, and 2x 8000mAh zippy lipos in parallel, and I have a max speed of around 18 mph on flat, 12 mph up step hills (still does the steeper hills though), and a santa cruz cruiser board. Grand total for the build is about $500, maybe a little more. And as I have said before, I get to and from my university (10 miles a day) without many issues. Also, I carved my own enclosure out of wood with a dremel and a belt sander. Cost for the wood and glue is under $20.