Whats the best mah for a 320kv motor

my seller was out of 270kv and so im stuck with this motor, i was wondering whats the best mah for my motor, also whats the difference between 25c 30c 35c and 40c and which one you recommend. what would be the best setup?

http://www.rcjuice.com/fvt-120a-brushless-sensored-sensorless-car-esc-2-6s.html my esc

mah is just the capacity of the battery. There’s no better really. You will probably want something that discharges about 80-100a which is just the mah x C rating. For example a 5000mah (5 amp) battery with 20C can discharge 100A of power. This can generally be lower if you run a higher voltage setup, but for 6s try to get at least 80

higher C is better but 25C is more than enough. C is discharge rate (how fast current can leave your pack) which ultimately means better acceleration but you only really need so much of it.

320 is really high and would only maybe work with a 6s in dual config. (single might work if youre light) or else it might not work. youd need to gear that motor down quite a bit

id recommend a 40:14 ratio or maybe a 40:15

i think he meant to say voltage not mAh

this is what im choosing from, what would you guys do?

is 3:1 fine?

hard gears to find but yes

what would you pick from my picture?