Whats the best motor?

What are all people using and whats the best? What pulleys are the best? Someone tried enertions pulley? Do they last long?

There’s no “best” overall motor. There are motors meant for different things. Torque, Speed, Stealth, Sensored, and so on. With that being said, here’s the “preferable” list from what I’ve seen on the forum. Hub motors: Carvon Stealth: Ollin Speed: Enertion/SK3 Torque: Ollin/Torqueboards


The desichion in motors is also highly dependant on your drivetrain plans.

Single: Enertion/Torgueboards(or any 6374-Motor) Dual Rear: Enertion/Torgueboards(or any 6355-Motor(or smaller)) Dual Diagonal:Ollin


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What’s the most silent option for dual rear drive with decent torgue? Ollin with wide trucks?

Or maybe FOC but I don’t like to increase my DRV-count

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i dont find Torqueboards site are they down?

igonne use it for little hills mostly flat i want i to go fast and good

Agree that “best” is usually marketing (cough cough enertion cough).

There are quite a few nice ones though. The R-Spec and DIYes are my preferred. I’ve also run generic 63mm NTM prop drive motors. I have yet to test Tacon bigfoots but have them to try out one day. And several SK3’s from HK i almost forgot to mention. Great options when you can find them in stock!

I’d say depending on your setup and deck clearance any of the 63mm would be my first choice. a 50mm if clearance is tight or you want a bit less weight.

Pulleys - i’m a bit old-school it seems and really like aluminum pulleys vs the new injection molded enertion wheel gear. I also don’t like chopping the hanger to fit. It is a cleaner appearance on the outside (no bolts), but I still typically have used the ADS or DIYes aluminum wheel gears. I definitely recommend going to 12 or 15mm wide belts and gears on a single setup - especially if you’re not a tiny person weight wise. I’ve run 9mm on single motor setups and they just skip too easily - no matter how tight you tension the belt (to the point it’s bad for the bearings). But i’m also a big guy, so not doing myself any favors. I’m planning to re-do my GF’s single motor setup w/ 12 or 15mm belt next (swap gears is a PITA), but i do ride it occasionally when i lend my Marbel to a guest (has friendly “learner” mode that tops out around 8mph).

DIYes = http://www. (Torqueboard’s site) (edited - try clicking the link)

Please… THE Best:

Haha kidding. Honestly, there is no best motor. If you are starting out. You are going to want to go with something tried and tested. Like the Turnigy SK3. There really is no better option. That’s coming from someone who makes motors. If you are looking for a REALLY NICE sensored motor, I sell them, and so does Ollin. It depends on what you are looking for. Enertion arguably has some of the nicest motors because of their reliability. People hate on Enertion sometimes but I never hear bad things about their motors. Other than the fact that they are super $$$. The price you gotta pay.

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diy site dont work here just come popup

@elbari - www. Let me know if you can’t access it.

Are Enertion’s more reliable that SK3’s ??

SK3 are tried and tested. I would go for SK3. And they’re cheaper.

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30 dollar difrence

why does it not work?

Does stealth mean quiet?

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Thanks so would you Ollin is the motor you want to get compared to a DIYelectricskateboard?

Of course, you’d get DIY :slight_smile: btw… Ollin’s motors don’t fit our current motor mounts.