Whats the best option for making the series connection?

So based on my offset pattern what’s the recommended option for making the series connect? I have the offset nickel strip that I’ll be laying down… I could either use some 10-12ga wire to bridge the connection and solder it to the nickel… Or do I just spot weld a good few layers across the 2 neighboring cells and fold it in half at the end??

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One big strip like this : https://eu.nkon.nl/accessories/welding-material/nikkel-battijersoldeerstrip-25mm.html

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Sorry I should have been.more specific… I meant from one pack to the other… Not the cells already glued together…!


Nickel tinned copper stranded wire soldered on.

(Like silicon super worm/power wire)

Something like this? Obviously trimmed to a nice length… And then when I lay them side by side… The wire Will lay flat on the top of the pack…

Will 12ga suffice…or use 10?

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