Whats the best wire channel filler?

Whats the best substance to fill my above deck wire channels in with guys?

The deck is a flexible deck so it needs to be able to bend

Cheers in advance!

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Thanks @mmaner. I should of pointed out I have already read that but not sure that would work on a flexy deck. @longhairedboy could I trouble you for an answer? Does your method work on flexy decks?

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On my first build I used hot glue, seemed to work fine. Not the prettiest or most robust, but ehh.

I think any clear resin will be flexible enough for this, since the radius of the deck flexing is so large.

Most epoxy will work just fine.

What about bar top ?

Hot glue on an un-gripped deck would be cool. You could just use a straight blade to cut it flush with the deck. Maybe put some EL wire in there too :slight_smile:


I like silicone. It shrinks though so you’ll need to either top off, or overfill and shave with a razor


I like silicon too, just keep filling and squeegee it off. Let it dry, repeat steps til it dries flat (4-5 times).

But would depend where it’s at and on what deck… otherwise epoxy.

Its two center channels on my loaded Icarus, havent got the board back yet to check how much torsional strength has been compromised

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You could check out a product called g-flex. We use it on out rc boat motor mounts and battery trays. It’s suppose to better absorb vibrations and be slightly flexible. So far we haven’t had any problems.

Esycomposites.com have a resin which can be used to make car fenders and has flex

What did you end up using and how did it work out with the flex of the deck?

I just used epoxy resin, still going strong after 1 year!

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Yeah guys, keep in mind lots of composite springs exist and all those are made with a base of epoxy. Think of like a fiber-glass bow and arrow. Epoxy works great for gentle bends as long as it’s not the thing carrying the stress.

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