What's the difference in performance between dual a 6374 and dual 6355?

Did anyone test the difference in the 6364 motors trampa sell compared to 6374?

I’m still using them and l am still very happy with their performance. If your only needing medium range 10-12 miles and want a compact battery with a lot of punch and very little sag, then it’s a good option in my opinion.

NOTE: My riding is mostly recreational and less than 10 miles. A lot of hill climbing though.

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Yeah… on 7 inch wheels, the punch and little sag is very helpful i think. I know the range with “only” 5 amp is going to be limited. But for the price, it`s looks like a winner to me.

ya, it’s hard to beat the price. Also if you register on Hobby king and log in you get a better price than if you shop anonymously. And always check batteries that you get for Hobby King before doing anything with them. I ordered 4 Zippy’s once and 2 of them had a dead cell right out of the box. I contacted HK though and sent them a pic of the batteries with voltage meter showing the bad cell and they promptly shipped me 2 new packs. They did not want me to return the bad packs.

I know, i’ve been in to drone racing for the last two years. So i know hobbyking very well :slight_smile: One of the best batteries to fly racing quads with (my quads pulls over 100 amp on full throttle) is the Graphene serie Hobbyking has, they take a beating like no one else, with pretty darn low IR. But they are to big, to fit under the “trampa hood”

So, the one you are using is on backorder at the moment (EU) but i think i`m gonna buy them, when available again.

I’m using the 30Q

For a charger you can always count on the battery support ones really good so far, just the charging port it come with have to be replace for a more compact one that thing is huge :flushed: http://www.batterysupports.com/432v-44v-504v-4a-lithium-ion-lipo-battery-charger-12s-12x-36v-p-167.html

Also the BMS a 60Amps should be enough http://www.batterysupports.com/44v-48v-504v-12s-60a-12x-36v-lithium-ion-lipolymer-battery-bms-p-270.html

@Minim here is the difference on the 6355-6364-6374 It is clear.

Huge cooper mass increase

Now on the other hand between the 6355 & 6364 it is just too blurry IMO it is just the same motor in different dresses. Take a look.

A closer one

And this have been the story with all manufacturers including Sunray technology that makes the sk3 motors.


I know some of those racing drones can go close to 100 mph. A short time ago the Turnigy 60C packs where out of stock in US and China and where only available in AUS, and UK

You can probably order them from the China warehouse but shipping will be more.

Or you might find them on eBay. I have seen them on eBay before.

Yes they can, and the motors just keep getting more and more powerfull. The bottleneck in drone racing, is the battery. Demanding that a 1,3 or 1.5amp lipo battery shall deliver 100amp sometimes is just crazy, and kill them pretty fast, Graphene seems to hold up best at the moment.

I think i just wait and se if they hit the EU store soon again. I dont want to pay taxes and fee.

There are some boards on this forum. The Stator is exactly 1cm shorter, compared to 6374.


Why are you guys using the Samsung 30q cells over the LG HG2?

Samsung has a 15A constant discharge vs the 20A in the LG. Also LG is a 3ah instead of 2.5ah

Am I missing something?

30Q are are also 3Ahr

Real world performance of 30q’s are solid with low voltage sag. And they’re also 3ah like the hg2s.

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Yeah your are missing something. :smiley:

The Samsung 30Q are rated at 15A but there is a guy that makes extremely reliable tests to every new battery coming to the market, the guy is know as Mooch and he makes all different kind of tests to analyze their capabilities. Google mooch test Samsung 30Q

So, to wrap things up, the Samsung 30Q have the same discharge rate than the 25R 20A


what about the Sony VTC4? They are claiming 30a has mooch rated those?

Yes indeed.


VTC4s can be used at 30A, but they might overheat. I would recommend runing it at 30A according to these tests. Everybody would rather run the cell at 20A in order to get better longevity of the pack, however if you run it at 20A why just not use the Samsung 30Q.

The only scenario I would buy the Sonys would be to be able to occasionally turn up the battery max on the vesc to 30A for short periods of time, maybe to compare your board against a competitor, or to show off, but why would you do that? I’d like a esk8 that runs consistently or exactly the same, always!

I read a lot about breaking belts here and different opinions on running 9mm belts single or dual. I have tried a lot of different belts on a lot of different setups. It seems nobody is taking into consideration the quality of the belts …if you buy cheap stuff from China ( I am based in Taiwan btw) then you get what you pay for. If you go for something like strongbelt or gates then you do get top notch quality…and chances are greater for longer lasting rides …just my two cents…


ok, so they’re not really a 30a cell and they run hot!

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Anyone running at least 10s4p wont be drawing the full 30A from each cell (120A) continuous anyway. We can keep those settings and it likely won’t overheat since we only pull about 20-30A on flats.

I’ve had good results using 9mm belts that I got from Torquboards and also from Polybelt.com

my 4 9mm belts from polybelt on my dual diag 5065 are the ones that broke on me. They also burned me on and order and I’m a bit salty about that. I get all my belts from vbeltsupply now, haven’t broken a single one; albeit they’re 12mm