What's the difference in performance between dual a 6374 and dual 6355?

I’m currently 195 lbs and I go up and down steep hills with my dual 6355 and 9mm belts. I’ve yet to break a belt even after picking rocks out of them numerous times. I’m not one to slam on the brakes at 20+ mph I try to anticipate the need for brakes. I like narrow belts because of reduced drag which lets me use less throttle.


You might be right, still I intend to find out first hand.

My daily esk8 is a single 6374 on 8s with a 9mm belt I have yet to skip or break the belt w at least 500 miles on the build. Just noting that it can work.


Meanwhile my dual diag 5065 build with 9mm’s had 4 belts brake over 6 months :frowning: I since upgraded to 12mms. I’m almost positive that dual diag puts more stress on the belts than dual rear/front though.


@Jinra to be fair; I weigh 150 lbs and run a 4:1 gear ratio.

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I weight 195 and even with 15/36 gears on my dual 6355s charging hills I’ve never broke a belt.


I’m 180 and live in SF with hills-a-plenty. The sheer pressure on one belt while accelerating/braking puts too much strain on 9mm belts here in SF, much more so than on dual drives, which is probably why they’re breaking so much.

With single 9mm I had so much drag because I had to tighten so much for it to even stop me so it broke in the first couple days. 15mm single works okay for cruising but still slips on heavy braking. On my dual motor with dual 15mm it skipped teeth like crazy when trying to stop from +30mph. I have now added idlers to that setup and doesn’t skip at all anymore. So if you’re lighter 9mm may be okay but 15mm is more reliable and has less drag for the same amount of brakes from my experience

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We ship everywhere! We do offer nice 6364 118kvand 136KV motors, top spec copper, magnets, stator, bearings, shaft. No compromise… They are perfect for 12S and perform just as good as a standard 6374, since they produce more torque as the higher KV rated 6374. The power on a dual is insane.


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I weight exactly the same and belts skip on dual 6355s on maximum braking, so dual 6374s on 9mm belts are crazy under spec

I run my belts as loose as possible for minimum drag and I got a little skipping with sudden hard braking or braking hard downhill. That was with 15/36 gears. Then I switched to 15/40 gears and snugged my belts up just a little and that has just about eliminated the skipping all together.

You might want to try 15mm belts and run them loose, more pulley longevity

I’m gonna try 9mm first. If they don’t hold up, then I’ll think about going wider. I already have pulleys and belts in 9mm Might as well try them.

I too have a single sensored 6374 with 10s3p and a 15mm belt. I’m 6ft tall and probably around 215-220lbs with all my gear on including a backpack. It is really my daily commuter (when functioning).

Acceleration is good except at the crest of the hill I must traverse on the way to work near the end of my commute. I’m not sure if it is voltage sag, the VESC overheating, or the sensors telling the VESC to chill out. I want to get another sensored 6374, and either a couple FOC boxes or if I suddenly become independently wealthy, a couple of VESC 6.0s to solve this problem. I definitely have to lean in even with only one motor when accelerating both at low and high speeds, because the 6374 has terrific torque. I’m sure having two motors will feel incredible, and will help me pull up some mountain passes when I next have to visit Norway this autumn. With the one motor I also feel the torque steer, but it isn’t too great that it feels unsafe.

Braking is good, but the battery isnt wired up correctly or something and so overcharge protection kicks in regularly if I brake too much and I have to bail (no bueno). I plan on getting a new battery sometime soon that is travel safe and wired correctly with the BMS(s) to remedy this.

I have wondered what the difference would be between dual 6374s or something else, and this thread basically helped me make up my mind. So thanks!

with a 10s3p, it could be voltage sag causing you to trip the low voltage protection on the vesc. Especially if the problem is at the end of your commute when your battery is somewhat depleted already.

A dual setup would help ease the stress on motors and vescs but it will not help the battery. And a dual setup will only benefit if the battery is up to the task. You might want to consider upgrading your battery before adding another motor and vesc.

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@Kaly what are you guys using for cells? I need a source as my master plan fell through haha. I want to make sure I’m using the ideal setup for my 12s4p board.

Also does anyone have a link for a charger that works well for 12s?

I use Lipos, 10s1p for medium range with a lot of muscle :muscle:

For this board I’m going to need to run li-ion i believe

From what I’ve heard, Samsung 30Q’s are in style. And then there’s Sony VTC4’s which I haven’t heard much about yet but they boast a whopping 30a discharge per cell. Probably worth looking into.

@Namasaki You`r still happy with those batteries ?

I saw your topic the other day, and was thinking if this was the battery for my upcoming Trampa urban carver build ?? On dual sk3 6355 or 6364(haven`t decided yet) 10s1p. What do you think ?

According to Hobbyking, they measure 25mm in height, and the trampa battery enclosure is 27mm… So this could do :slight_smile: