Whats the max mileage of a motor?

How long aprox. with regular maintenance for a esk8 motor to wear or break down?

Depends on what you consider regular maintenance and how much abuse the motor sees basically. There is nothing but friction wearing on the parts really but the bearings allowing the rotor to rotate around the stator will eventually wear out. Aside from that unless the motor magnets or coils get damaged they can basically keep running.

Motor shafts and bearings are replaceable but it’s some work and if they fail in a bad way there’s probably a good chance of damage to other components.

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Ok thanks!

The only things that can wear out are the bearings, if your not over heating the motor or otherwise abusing them they will last much longer than the other parts of the board.

Should easily be 5,000 to 10,000 km before bearings may need new oil or replacement. Most people upgrade before that point.

If you ride in the rain your bearing life will be much shorter.

The wires that exit the motor can break from constant bending and vibration but if you secure them properly and have some length where they can bend then this should not be an issue.

If you ride really rough pavement it will eventually knock something loose.

So to answer the original question, a really long time. I don’t think most have gotten to that point before upgrading or having some other parts fail first.

I drove a motor for around 1500km. A hard impact ended his life 2 weeks ago -> a magnet got lose, but there was already some noise coming from the motor i drive pretty harsh and also sometimes in the rain and also in the snow, they do not have a easy life with my riding style.

but I think i am in the top 20% of driver by distance traveled on a board, probably more.

at the end irdesigns captured it well -> normally you upgrade the motor before he dies. And dont forget the time that you need to drive more than 1000km on a board!