What's the most "balanced" setup?

I’m looking for opinions. What’s the most “balanced” setup in your guys’ mind? First thing I think of when it comes to balance is a balance between range, power, and weight, but maybe it means something different for you guys? Biggest variables that I can see affecting this balance is number of motors, number of batteries, and battery config.

I’m not even at the beginner stage yet :stuck_out_tongue:, so I’ll probably be taking notes from the responses, but it seems that most of the people that’ve been active in this community don’t think more than one motor is necessary (granted I’d love to get 2 on my board so I can smoke my friends and their Carbon Evolves lol), and it seems like 10s3-4p is pretty popular for battery config/number.

What are your guys’ thoughts?

Dual 6354 motors with 15/36 gears, dual VESC’s, 10s3p 30Q battery pack and Nano-X/Benchwheel remote. Great torque and range. You can build it for less than $1,000 if you know how to solder and build a longboard.


First I had a single 6355 190kV on a 10s 5Ah battery with a 38 inch deck, I liked it but had plans to upgrade. Then I got dual 190kV 6355s and a 10S 8Ah battery which was awesome but super heavy and too impractical on a day to day basis. Then I had 75kV hubs with a 12S 5Ah battery which was cool but still heavy and the hubs had their own problems. After that I switched to a 32 inch deck, and went back to a single 6355 190kV with a 10S 5Ah battery, the lighter weight was nice but I found that I still wanted a little more power, and could spare a bit of weight.

Now I’m going for dual 5055s with the same battery and deck because I like the feeling of duals, and should be able to squeeze more power out of dual 5055s than a single 6355. Hopefully it will be the right middle ground for me.

I think ultimately it comes down to how much you weight, how hilly your area is and how much range you need. If you plan on using your board regularly weight is absolutely a factor and often isn’t taken into consideration on DIY boards.