What's the most reliable/cheap esc for belt drive systems?

I just bought a used chinese board (paean H2B) for a really good price. I don’t like the esc that it has in it (feels too binary and unresponsive). Honestly, I just don’t feel safe on it. I also have a wowgo 2s which has a much better esc (hobbywing right?). From what I’ve read, this esc is pretty hard to get and is only for hub motors. Any suggestions on a cheap-ish esc that will work with a belt drive?

Motors: 2x 900w motors Battery: Samsung 10c.2p 42v

There was a recent sale for Flipsky Dual 4.20plus

Do you have a link to it?

Or you can grab the plus version

That’s a tad out of my budget unfortunately. Would an esc designed for hub motors (like the wowgo one) work with this belt drive system?

There is a belt version one it’s actually called a, esc substitute, but remember buy cheap buy twice, the esc substitute’s have a tendency for half of the esc to die

Get 2 of these you won’t be disappointed

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That looks like more of my price range. How would I hook up the remote with this setup? Is there a wiring diagram somewhere for doing two of these?

(nevermind, found it here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/what-is-the-correct-esc-amp-calculation/38078)Also how do I pick the right amp rating for the esc? I would assume that it depends on my battery and the motors but I’m not sure how to do the calculation :sweat_smile:

You’ll have to get two of them.

And you can run them in CAN BUS, or SPLIT PPM

And you could get a mini remote for 15$ off of AliExpress

You don’t, it’s a VESC it’s fully configurable

Right but it seems like they’re rated for how many amps it can put out (in the hardware). ex: that aliexpress one is 50A. I looked around on the forum and read this: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/what-is-the-correct-esc-amp-calculation/38078/3 but I’m still a bit confused. I understand that I can limit the power draw with a vesc but I want to make sure that I get the full performance from my board and not bottleneck it in the esc.

For the remote, can I use any 2.4 ghz remote? Would the one from the hobbywing esc (wowgo 2s) work?

No you need a remote that includes a receiver.

Do I connect the two in series or parallel to the battery?



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What about the fuse/switch? The board that I have just has a push button switch with 4 wires coming out (2 for led, 2 for button?).

I also have a battery indicator light thing. Would that be able to plug into the the vesc to show remaining battery?

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Your best, cheapest and most reliable option is a loopkey. Basically an XT90-S connector on the positive wire between the battery and ESC, with the mating plug bridged with a wire. To turn stuff on, plug in the key (connector). To turn stuff off, unplug it. Rock simple.

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For that you would need to use a anti spark switch or Loop key and install the battery indicator after whichever one you choose.

You obviously are trying to build this on a shoestring budget, so don’t even bother with an electronic antispark. They’re expensive and they break.

For an indicator, you can get either a digital voltmeter module that just tells you the voltage, or you can get an actual battery meter module that does the math and tells you a %. Either is available from Amazon, ebay, or many of the esk8 hardware sellers.