Whats the right motor to use

in Egypt where I live brushless motor is illegal so the only ones I can find are small high kv ones (cause people want them for drones) so if I use 2 of this will it be enough to give me a good torque? 45205611_2241829529225481_2481040940035211264_n also I cant find the motor mount so will it be ok if I mount it to the deck ?

Sorry for the off topic, but why brushless motors are illegal? So you don’t have any rc stuff over there (planes, cars etc)?

No those motors won’t work. They are too weak. Also mounting to the deck will not work as when you turn the trucks pivot.

If you can’t get out runners you can also try in runner motors, like @MoeStooge. That will still work perfect fine.

For the motor mount you can easily make it yourself like I do with basic tools. All you need is some aluminium for the clamp piece and some steel or thick aluminium for the part the motor goes to. The tools needed are a grinder (or hacksaw), drill, file and maybe pliers and sand paper


bcz drones are illegal and they use it in drones its ironic that u can only get the small ones that are for drones XD but they r still illegal but u can buy it

mhmmmm that sucks , do you think any dc (non bl) motor can be used?

Possibly, not as well though. The next best option are bldc inrunner motors. Have a look at this

so this converts it to higher torque right ?

what about this Motor max. thrust 1200kv_ 1.300 KG thrust

Not quite. The inrunner motors have generally less torque but a lot more speed. So we add a really high gear ratio. That way the gear ratio makes up for the lost torque.

I am not sure if the motor will work I would need to look at the full specs. If possible I would use the same motors as @MoeStooge as we know those ones will already work

I think your best bet will be using hub motors

so why not just a high gear ratio in the one I put in the post

It’s too small, only runs 12v, and only handles 200w. It’s just not powerful enough

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cant find them either in Egypt :frowning: if they are not brushless they are allowed but they take a lot of customs in shipping

w8 a min I ll try to list all the ones I can buy

45004842_2211439872211097_897220270157201408_o also keep in mind am doing dual motors

I’m not sure if that one will work or not. It is only rated for 12v so I don’t think so.

I think it’s not going to be possible to buy the parts already in your country. Here is a listing of hub motors on eBay


These are just cheap hubs but I linked them as they are on eBay and might be easier to ship. It’s probably better to get some from closer to you though as these ones are from Australia.

The better option is buying some really nice quality hubs from @Hummie or other forum members

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thanks for the help I will consider the options its just so sad to live here :confused:

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If you were going overseas sometime soon you could always disassemble the motor and take it back with hou

which one of the bldc motors i listed above is the best for this cause i have been looking for big bldc motors in egypt still can’t find any so i guess i will have to try my luck with this also those small motors are cheap so i can easily do 4x

I am not sure, I would go for the largest one with the lowest kv rating