What's the shipping cost for 1-2lbs package from US to Europe

Hello! I wanted to find out has anyone tried to ship something from US to EU?

The prices I get from USPS calculator suggest, that It should cost between 22$ to 32$.

Has anyone had any experience of what is the tipping point for the price to increase?

Package is not that big, it could something like 15in x 10in x 7in

(think of the Imax B6 charger for size comparison)

If you got any info / experience, that would be great! Not entirely sure to trust the calculator nor do I fully understand what else affects price besides weight and dimensions.

shit tends to be pricey…couple pounds usually run me 30-40

Can you tell how much exactly? is it 2-3 lbs or more?

If 40 is the ‘‘roof’’ for 3-4 lbs… then Im not that worried… I just dont want it to get past 30 backs, 15-22$ would be great. Since it seems that for some items domestic shipping in US is already 10-15usd… for smaller ones maybe 3-5usd.

Keep in mind, that if it’s a commercial purchase. (Not marked as a gift) everything that’s over 21 euro’s will be taxed by customs. And hey easily add 30+ euro’s for that amount.

You can look that up for your country specifically. These are numbers I got for Belgium, but I guess it will be around the same amount in other EU countries.

Ex.: dutycalculator.com

Yeah, I’m well aware of that. For non commercial (’‘gift’’) in my country the limit is 45 eur. commercial ones are 22eur, so pretty similar.

Don´t have a cost sheet in front of me…general numbers over the last 5 years in Spain