What's the value of a USED Dual + BB

So the title pretty much sums it up. How much is a Boosted dual + with 200 miles worth. What would be a good price for one? Thanks guys.

I’d say $900-$1100. That seems to be the going rate for eBay at least. A bit overpriced, but eBay peeps will buy anything!

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Are you planning on buying one, or are you selling one you own?

Possibly purchasing one.

What are your requirements for a board?

Id pay 500 dollars for it… lol

Do you know what $1100 and some elbow grease can get you in the DIY world? boosted’s worst nightmare

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I love your prices for production electric skateboards. I’ve thought a lot about going the diy route. It’s just I don’t know a whole lot about the subject. And also by the time I would receive all the parts to complete the build itd be winter and as I’m sure you know a electric skateboard around here in the wither is pretty useless. That’s partially why I’d consider boosted board because I could just buy it and be on my way with a decent set up (unlike my yuneec board). I’d hate to mess up a build due to lack of knowledge.

where do you live?

If you’re riding a Yuneec, keep in mind that the range of the Boosted is only around 6 miles compared to the E-GO’s 18 miles under ideal conditions of course.

If I got a BB I’d add a battery pack to it. But I think I’ll end up going diy.

Lake Geneva. We’ve messaged each other a couple times.

Oh yes, im sorry yea i remember! we talked about building a board.

If you’re already planning on adding a battery pack, you might as well go the DIY route. You’ll probably end up spending about the same amount of cash and effort.

I think I’d like to build my own board; however, I don’t know all that much on what to buy and from who to buy from. For example, there are so many different sized motors and different kv rated motors it’s hard to know what’s best for a particular build.

Its hard to do it right the first time. Just find a build you like… ask permission to copy it and go all out.

spend 2 hours reading all the posts in this forum and you will be a prepared amateur.

2h? I’d say days - especially when you want to understand what you are reading.

That’s why you’d only be a prepared amateur :wink: