What's wrong with my battery capacity indicator?


i use this battery capacity indicator http://www.ebay.es/itm/2016-Battery-Capacity-Tester-Indicator-for-12V-24v-36v-48v-CAR-Lead-acid-lithium-/172143986261?hash=item281494c655&_uhb=1

i’ve a 12s setup 44.44v (2 batteries 6s 8000mah 35c 22.22v each one), they are almost full 99% battery 1 - 4.19, 4.20, 4.20, 4.19, 4.20, 4.19 battery 2 - 4.19, 4.19, 4.19, 4.20, 4.20, 4.20

i use this power switch

this is a picture of my build, i only want to show the capacity indicator when i turn on the switch

but the battery capacity indicator only indicates 84%, why? any idea?

thank you

It might be on the wrong mode. There is a button on the back. Hold this down as you power the board on and you should be able to change the mode.

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Also, your power switch might melt given it handles such low current.

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Yeah, wiring looks great. Definitely some configuration issues

thank you for all your responses! :slight_smile:

@lox897 yesss!!! it works! when i turn on with the button indicator pressed i can choose an option from 0c to 15c, then to save the setting turn off and turn on again.

Awesome. Set it according to what 12s is.

Personally, I think it’s better to monitor voltage. It doesn’t seem like percentage meters are accurate enough. Also, you need a high voltage anti spark switch. The switch you have won’t hold up.

Any recommendation of volt meter?

I think the meter you have can switch to volts.