What's wrong with my BMS wiring?

Hey everyone,

I am having some problems with my BMS setup. I went for a charge only BMS and set everything up according the wiring schematics in the image below. But my batteries don’t seem to charge. What am I doing wrong here?


Thanks for the advice!

Not sure to be honest, your wiring looks good. Maybe double check all connections again and if nothing is found you may have a bad bms

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Is there anyway I can check if my BMS is bad?

I unplugged my balance wires and it is charging now. Could that mean my balance wires are in the wrong order?

Yeah, they were most likely in the wrong order

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Thanks for your help! I checked the voltage on my balance wires:

  1. 4 V
  2. 7.6 V
  3. 10 V
  4. 14 V
  5. 17.4 V
  6. 17.4 V
  7. 21 V
  8. 24.3 V
  9. 28 V
  10. 31.7 V

The values seem oke right? So would the BMS be broken than?

Did you plug them in that order? Make sure that your 1-5 wires come from the battery that supplies the negative lead to your esc

Edit: pictures says more then 1000 wordsimage


Thanks a lot! It’s working now.

No probs! 10char