Whats wrong with my motor?

Hi there. I have som problems with my Sk3 6373 190kv motor. It goes verry uneven when im cruisin. The rpm comes and goes. Its not crazy All over, but just not even. I have taken of the belt and checked the wireing for any loose connections. Everything is ok. If try to hold the motor with my hand, goes just jerky and almost stops. If I speed up it sounds it is spinning inside the motor. Wtf? Paul.

What esc are you using?

Hobbyking 150a X-Car Beast.

I would help if you take pictures. I’m new here so I can’t help you but it will be easier to help you. Just a thought.

sounds like you have some broken windings in the motor.

Is it a easy fix? I have had the motor for two weeks and just have it out for 3 runs… reclamation?

you said that it comes and goes? it could be that the wires that have broke are touching and coming apart? if you can find the break you might be able to solder it back together.

if the break is deep inside the motor then it may be hard to fix.

its also possible that there is something wrong with the ESC but I think it sounds like motor windings.