Whats your favourite truck if you could fit any with a mount?

whats your favourite truck if you could fit any to you board with a mount for your esk8 ?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=5 public=true]

  • calibre 2
  • torqueboards 218mm
  • paris
  • Aera k4s
  • Precision Ronin 40/40 174mm [/poll]

Precision Ronin 40/40 174mm

Or Aera k4s

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make a poll…

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add your favourite trucks for an esk8 board and ill add them to the poll

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Caliber 2: It has a square shape and it allows for more “leverage” for the motor mount.


gullwing sidewinders, I swear by them

@ARetardedPillow @zpoole27
do ye use these trucks with a mount and have the attached to a board?

I used some jb weld to do it after wanting to kill myself bc i couldnt find a motor mount to do it and filing it dont didnt work for me, but the diy motor mount freaking broke on me a week after

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SurfRodz RKP, Caliber Precisions.

But the holy grail would be Ronin Precisions, as there’s a more defined actuation due to the Queenpin.

Are these really affordable or necessary for 30mph…not at all. But they feel amazing.

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…and the winner mount for those trucks, issssss:

How much space in in between though, im trying to mount dual 6374s lol

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As far as I know, this are the only motor mounts that fit the Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks and are specifically designed for them. They are made by a company called T Board Factory (I think they are from Korea). Here is the link for the web page where you can get them. The mount piece assembly is called “Electric Board Powertrain Bracket for Sidewinder Truck” (you need to use Google Translator to surf thru this site)…


If you scroll down the page you will see other images from different angles. Don’t worry about how you see the clamp openings that grab the hanger, apparently they look like they are round but they are not. But believe me, this mounts are made specifically to fit the Sidewinder uneven hanger cross-section. Fits no other truck in the world.

…and they are awesome!!

Surfrodz RKP

Surfrodz TKP