What's your line voltage?

I get 121 volts at my house. How many volts AC does your volt meter read?

hold on i’ll get a feel for it let me get a fork


The UPS on my media center PC says 119v.

119.8V reading off my Kill a Watt. The slight fluctuation does not really matter since most devices use a lower DC current.

I have 400V at my place :stuck_out_tongue:

220v in line here

aren’t you in the US? or is that your stove outlet?

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Im in the US, Just We do Welding so we have to have some extra 220v Lines for them. :smile: Shoot i even have access to 400v Lines!

note to self; don’t do that

Totally off Topic, In 7th Grade we had a whack teacher that cooked a sausage link using the 120v in the class, It was a fun day.

my gauge reads 118 to 119v how do you cook a sausage…just use it’s electrical resistance and put a cut cord up to either end? a prong terminal? that sounds great. with some really good rubber gloves why not. and I guess glasses that would resist flying…what’s melted metal called I cant remember

do the safety squint

haha. yea not plasma . and not magma.
is that a cheat note? good idea

I bet if you tested it would be more like 240