What's your other ride?

Nice man, 4WD Toyota, a dream! Difficult to find parts here in Europe though.

I hear you man, well, after good times come more good times, just different :smiley: even though I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be hard for me to top this one:



Nice @Dedbny. I’ve got a red RS250! Your black looks great.

Its actually a blue pearlescent colour. Has a black base, so looks black in certain angles, dark blue metallic at other angles. Nice taste @magnetvox. The RS is a weapon.

ever use your race suit for E-boarding?

Right, I didn’t pick that up (on my phone). Sweet colour either way.

A Troopy stuck on the beach! Fraser Island? Any sharks in the beach break?

Got stuck once riding a beach buggy off some dunes in Brazil. In the dead of the night. Took us several hours and a decent amount of dried donkey shit to get us out and going again. Dried donkey shit and our flip-flops were the only solid things around that we could use to provide traction for the wheels.

1997 Honda Shadow VT1100C ACE


most of the time Im not even wearing a helmet :cold_sweat:

Wow, I think I feel safer on a motorcycle than I would on a wooden board with 83mm wheels I can fit in my hand going 30+ mph.

I have a dianese race suit for E-boarding, and a future ZX6r :slight_smile:

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hm, I never feel very safe on my motorbike - its constantly trying to seduce me :smiling_imp: feeling a lot more relaxed and safe on my vanguard! :relaxed:

600cc racers are pretty cool, especially for the track, hope youll always stay on the bike!

somewhere not too far from Melbourne actually, nearby Robe, there were lots of signs warning about soft sand but I didn’t like to listen :wink:

Dried donkey shit sounds fun man :laughing:

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Modified Lotus, I used to take this one to the track.


I use this to look for places to use my e-sk8 :smile:

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@PB1 ahh!

You litterally have my dream car! I love the old sl r107’s, and am surely going to restore one someday…

For now though, I’m a 16 year old trying to buy a triumph tr6 on a 6k budget… The hardest thing is finding one relatively close… (it’ll be a project car of course).

Until it gets sold in a few months, I get to drive this beast around:


Home restoration.


What model?

2012 wrangler Rubicon (moab desert edition), 3.5 inch lift on 35’s as well.

She just hit 75k miles, and is going strong, but with my brothers kayak, our paddle boards, etc, a pickup will soon take its place… Unfortunately as I really enjoy this jeep.

I will soon either buy a willys cj3a (Im good friends with a guy who flips them), or more likely I’ll try and find a triumph tr6 project car. 6k doesn’t get you very far though, and it’s hard to find older triumphs locally.